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MSc BSc hons
Prov. Clinical & ABTC Accredited Animal Behaviourist

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New Puppy? - Exciting Times....but Yikes!

What can beat the excitement of 'new puppy day'?! whether your pup's joining you from a rescue shelter or breeder.  It's the anticipation, planning and then the big day itself! Suddenly your whole world is turned upside down (literally!) & you find yourself  taking loads more trips to the pet store than you ever planned in your life...welcome to life as a 'dog parent'! 


Everyone in the family looks forward to a lifetime together, dreams, lots of hope, expectations and plans.  You want to prepare big time for 'new puppy day'....but what should you be doing prior to pup coming home?, how do you make sure everything goes well?  When puppy comes home, how do you make sure you give puppy the very best start? & how do you address any little niggles before they become real problems?  These first weeks are so important & I'll help you make sure they are as positive, memorable & as stress free as they should be!

Start out the right way & have the perfect pup!

Who For?

  • First timers with their 1st puppy

  • Pup parents who haven't had a pup in a while

  • Confused pup parents!

  • Pup parents needing quick/personalised help


There's so much help & advice out there isn't there? How do you get help that's just right for your pup?

I'll help you make sure you start out on the right track & have the very best success

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Nationwide Help

All pup sessions are held remotely via Zoom - this way I can make sure that wherever you are, you & your pup have the perfect  start

Creating Your Perfect Family Pet!


  • Collar & Lead

  • Correct Handling

  • Mouthing/Chewing

  • Barking at Night

  • Socialization

  • Jumping Up

  • Over Excitement

  • Car Travel

  • Household/Food Manners

  • Toilet Training

  • Crate Training

  • Breeds

  • Where to Find A Pup (Breed/Rescue)

  • Preparation For Pup

  • Children/Other Pets & Pup

  • Health/Well-being/Diet/Routine


All of my puppy advice & puppy skills sessions are given in the comfort of your home - remotely via zoom.


You can show me your wonderful set up you've planned or already have available and I can see how you all interact with puppy, right there in your environment. 


Of course also, most puppies are too young to mingle and go outdoors, so zoom is absolutely perfect.

Here's My Puppy Help...
Expert help - for your pup

Perfect Puppy Prep!

Before Puppy Arrives..

It's the 'thinking stages' want everything to go perfectly & so do I! Planning is key...ask me anything you like & we'll make sure everything runs smoothly!

Here's an example of common issues covered in        'Perfect Puppy Prep'

  • First time owner?  It's nerve wracking, there's so much conflicting advice - get a conclusive expert answer

  • Do you know whether you'd like a specific breed? What breed would fit your lifestyle best?

  • How to choose a breeder and what to look for in a puppy when you actually get there

  • What about male/female puppies, is there a behavioural difference and what would work best for you

  • How about a puppy from a shelter? What are the pros and cons of re-homing?

  • Do you know how to prepare? What do you really need to buy among all of the doggy items out there!

  • How to introduce children to your new pup?

  • How about that very first night?

  • What methods will you adopt? Crate train, toilet training, general training?

  • Puppy proofing the home and garden safety

  • Do you have other dogs, cats etc.? How should you handle first interactions so that everyone's happy?

  • Ensuring behavioural well-being from the start and a happy puppy

1HR MAX  ZOOM £50.00 (Session Recorded)

Welcome Puppy!

When Puppy is Home...

It's super exciting to finally have your new family member home! 1st time pup parent? A little daunted by the first few nights? There's no need...I'll check in with you every day for the first 4 nights

Here's an example of the most common Q's & concerns I help with during 'Welcome Puppy'

  • Introducing puppy to children & other pets

  • Confused about feeding - I'll help you out 

  • Preparing a puppy safe space properly - including dens/crates/play pens

  • What are the best toys to choose

  • Preparing for that scary first night

  • Helping puppy adjust and settle

  • Establishing a day & night routine

  • Toilet training 'how to's'

  • The best way to interact with your new puppy

& a healthy dose of reassurance & emotional support!

4x 30 MIN MAX  ZOOM £99.00 (Session Recorded)

Perfect Puppy Check In!

The First Few Weeks...

The first days/weeks are so important in your new puppy's life, you're bound to have Q's & there may be a few little niggles! Make sure you're on the right track & iron out any of those 'teething probs'

Examples of common issues/Q's I help with during       'Perfect Puppy Check In'

  • Methods of establishing toilet training and pros and cons of each

  • Night time routine and helping puppy with night time/early morning waking

  • Mouthing and how to successfully address it

  • Dietary requirements

  • Handling problems with other household pets

  • How to begin leaving puppy alone

  • How to establish a good routine of feeding, sleeping, eating and toileting 

  • Beginning processes of socialization and habituation

  • Responding correctly to inappropriate behaviour

  • Advice re: fitting of collar, lead or harness

  • Advice re: handling, grooming, basic health checks applicable to breed

  • Early Training: learning puppy's name

  • Early Training: food manners

2x 30 MIN MAX  ZOOM £50.00 (Session Recorded)

Puppy Life Skills!

The First Few Weeks

You & your pup will be super keen to get started learning essential life skills - I'll run you through the important starters...all in the comfort of your own home

Here's what I teach

  • How to sit

  • Sit n' settle & learn to be calm, patient & polite

  • How to lie down

  • How to stand still for grooming/basic puppy care

  • Learn that coming back when called is fun

  • Beginning to walk nicely on a lead

  • Household & social manners

  • No jumping!

  • What walking gear will best suit your pup

  • Starting to use the basics with distractions out & about

  • Learn a great 'leave it'

3x 30 MIN MAX  ZOOM £75.00 (Session Recorded)

Everything is Tailored To You

Whatever Q's you have, just fire away - No 2 pups are the same advice & help is completely tailored to you & your pup

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