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Main entrance/foyer

Auction Mart NE46 3SG

You’ll see the main building as you enter the car park – enter under the clock tower & through the main glass doors



Community Centre NE40 4AA

This is the Centre by the traffic lights & NOT the Centre adjacent to the church


TIMINGS: Listed online. All classes start promptly and we appreciate it if you are not late as this limits class disruption

CANCELLATIONS:  If a class is cancelled, notice will be posted on our facebook page & we will contact you via tel./email

PAYMENT: Payment in full is taken with your booking

MISSED SESSIONS: Are non-refundable and not transferable to other courses.  No refund will be given to owners starting the course and cancelling for any reason part way through. 

STARTING AFTER WEEK 1: We will accept dogs after Week 1 (at our discretion). 


BRINGING CHILDREN: We really welcome children to attend but for their own safety they must stay quietly with you at all times, not wander around the class & not interact with other unfamiliar dogs who may be uncomfortable around children

MY DOG MAY NOT SETTLE: We have extensive experience in assisting dogs of all differing temperaments.  On some occasions however, we may suggest transferring your dog to a private course if we feel this would be of greater benefit  

LITTLE ACCIDENTS: Please clean up after your dog inside all venues & dispose of waste in the outside bins – please do not expect us to clean up or dispose of your dog's mess!


We know there’s a lot here, however, it is important that you read through this document carefully

Please note that payment for services also implies full agreement with these Terms and Conditions



The training techniques used by Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice are based on the principles of positive reinforcement and, as such, are kind, fair and reward-based. Harsh handling of dogs, physical force and the use of punitive methods/ punishment/ corrections or equipment designed to be aversive (including choke chains, check chains, prong collars, spray collars, e-collars or any other device deemed unacceptable by us) are not permitted in classes or and should not be used in training



Payment is taken at time of booking. Once payment has been made, it is non-refundable.  We will not issue partial refunds or places in future courses due to owner’s inability to attend particular sessions for example due to holidays. We are very happy to send information that will be missed in such sessions, to enable a quick catch-up



Some dogs are not suited to a class environment due to over-arousal, fear, anxiety etc. (this is not the same as a young puppy who is new to socialisation and is just a bit nervous!).  Dogs which are known to be reactive to other dogs or people will not be best placed in a class environment. If your dog is not suited to the class training environment at this time, we will be pleased to offer alternative solutions. If you are unsure how your dog will respond to a class/ group environment, or have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to discuss this with us before booking on to a course



Children are more than welcome to attend class courses.  For their own safety, children must stay with the supervising adult at all times & not wander around the room - this is extremely disruptive to the rest of the class. We ask that adults ensure that children do not approach or touch any dogs without appropriate supervision and permission & understand that some dogs may be very uncomfortable in the company of children.  We accept no responsibility for children at classes and it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure the children’s safety at all times.  Young people under 16 must be accompanied by an adult



Any instances of accident or injury must be reported at the time they occurred.  All dogs must remain on lead.  Please be mindful that not all dogs are comfortable with close contact and may not be as sociable as your own.  We advise that all dogs should be given space



All dogs and puppies attending classes should be suitably protected from the potential risk of disease as well as being appropriately treated for internal and external parasites.  Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice advises that owners should consult their veterinary professional with regard to such issues.  Whilst the indoor venues used by Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice are not routinely accessed by dogs (other than those attending classes), there can be no guarantee that there is absolutely no risk of disease at any venue or when in contact with any other dogs or materials, such as toys, which may have been in contact with other dogs.  It is the owner/ handler’s responsibility to ensure that their dog is appropriately protected against the risk of disease: Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice accepts no responsibility for the potential or actual exposure of dogs to disease.  If an owner chooses not to routinely vaccinate their dog/ puppy (for example because they are choosing titre testing or using homeopathic nosodes), this is entirely the choice of the owner and is a decision made at their own risk.


By booking a place at a class and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are accepting full responsibility for the protection of your dog from the risk of disease.

Please do not bring your dog to class if he or she has been in contact with another dog infected by a contagious disease or if they appear to be unwell (eg. vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, runny nose etc). 


By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing that you will not bring your dog to classes in these circumstances. If a dog is unable to attend classes, owners are more than welcome to attend without their dog in order to keep up to date with the training course


Photographs may occasionally be taken during training sessions.  Such photos may be used by Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice for the purposes of marketing.  For example, photos of course winners are posted on our Facebook page.  If you do not wish for photographs of you and/ or your dog to be used or shared, please let us know.  Any written feedback (eg. by email or on feedback forms) may be used for marketing purposes (for example, posted on the website).  Only the first name of the person will be used as identification.  If you are not happy for us to use your feedback in this way, please let us know. Photography and videography is NOT permitted, without the express permission of Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice as we are aware that not everyone is comfortable with this



We make every effort to ensure the safety of both clients and dogs during training classes.   By making a booking with us, you are accepting that participating in an activity with dogs, children and adults poses a risk of injury to yourself and your dog, and you agree to indemnify Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice for all personal injury and damage to property while attending training.  You agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of your dog attending classes/ sessions. You also agree to make any person who accompanies you to the session(s), or takes your place, aware that they are also there at their own risk.  You understand and accept that your dog (and its behaviour) remains entirely your responsibility at all times, whether or not in the presence of the trainer/ behaviourist












  • Try feeding your dog half his/her tea

  • Bringing 2-3 varieties of super tasty treats (sometimes the usual ones don’t cut it!) – try something easily digestible such as chicken/ham/chopped sausage…

  • Flat collars/fixed leads/harnesses are good.  We’d prefer no slip leads and those items mentioned in our T&C’s


​Thank-you For Choosing Us!

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