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Image by Omar Flores

MSc BSc hons 
Prov. Clinical & ABTC Accredited Animal behaviourist



Thanks for dropping by to find out more about my behavioural 1 to 1 - usually by this stage you've done quite a bit of 'digging' to find answers, look for the right person to help your dog & realistically you might be feeling a little helpless or emotionally drained.  That's the issue with behavioural problems - you feel like you're the only one struggling, everyone else seems to have the perfect dog, there's a world full of advice (& everyone's the expert!).  Top & bottom of it is though that you & your dog are struggling & it starts to impact on your relationship - I see this every day within my work.

As you will know, because you've done lots of searching! there's so many people offering to help you & your dog.  I have 20+y of experience with a very wide range of cases - working with dogs suffering with severe fear and aggressive symptoms, effects of trauma and abuse, pronounced stereotypical behaviour and emotional distress. These dogs have been in many cases vet referrals, rehomed dogs, overseas rescues, puppy farmed dogs or just generally lovely family pets.

Over the years I've worked with a large number of dogs who are uncomfortable in the presence of other unfamiliar dogs & I've chosen to specifically focus on helping reactivity cases - these can really require expert help & I know the symptoms really do cause so much distress for owner and dog alike.

If you would like help, the first thing you need to do is simply tell me more about your dog & we'll go from there!

Thinking About 

1 To 1?

OK most owners click here because:

  • They've rooted around on YouTube etc. & tried lots of stuff there & it's not really working

  • They don't really know where to start

  • They've tried everything in their 'trick bag' they used with previous dogs & nope no luck this time!

  • All of their friends have 'ideas' & now they're totally confused on what to do!

  • They're at their wits end

Enjoy Your Dog Again!

In many cases, training & behavioural issues really begin to impact on your life as well as your dog's.  The majority of issues are simply normal/natural/instinctive behaviours applied out of context & so become 'inappropriate'.  In many situations, we begin avoiding situations, walking at unsociable hours of the morning, massively adjusting our day and it needn't be like this! 

I'm Here To  Help!

My behavioural 1 to 1 sessions are extremely in demand and I think part of this is also because of the emphasis I place upon you as much as your dog.

I understand completely how emotionally draining behavioural conditions can be and the support required to assist you on the pathway to success. 

Have You Seen This Before?

I wish I had £1 for every time someone asks me this! I am extremely experienced with treating behavioural conditions & to ensure I have the very best knowledge to help, undertake regular liaison/CPD with fellow colleagues in professional organizations within the UK/USA regarding specific cases.

Everybody thinks they have the worst case I have ever seen! My aim is to put you immediately at your ease and look for positives - there are always some.  We will work together and find a solution



Just drop me a line if there's anything you want to work on - below is just an example.

  • Barking & Lunging At Dogs

  • Inappropriate Responses To People

  • Aggressive Behaviour

  • General Reactivity

  • Not Coming Back

  • Pulling On The Lead

  • Inappropriate Vocalization

  • House-training

  • Boisterous Play

  • Fear & Anxiety

  • Socially Unacceptable Behaviour

  • Excitability


All of my behavioural 1 to 1 training is conducted outdoors in the presence of natural distractions. 


I could train indoors & doubtless your dog would achieve great results, BUT you're not walking in an indoor, barren environment with no competing distractions are you?  I want to recreate your normal, walking, home situation where the issues happen & get those results in those contexts.


Whatever You Want To Work On...Just Let Me Know

All My Help Includes:

Initial assessment & personalised training route for your dog at week 1

Creation of your dog's individual file - Training notes/tips & tricks added every week

Here for you at any time during your course - Just ask


Booking help with me for your dog is simple.  I offer either an hourly advice session for owners who just need a few pointers or help in 3x 1hr or 6x 1hr courses - how many sessions you will need pretty much depends upon your dog's symptoms & I will be able to advise you at the outset.  With issues such as dog reactivity I will only start with 6x 1hr simply because I require that time frame minimum in which to best assist you.  I will always advise during your sessions, whether your dog would benefit from more help.

6 X 1HR
Best Suits:

  • Dog Reactivity

  • Recall Issues

  • Severe Symptoms

  • Multiple Training Issues

  • Fear Symptoms

  • Full 1 to 1 Puppy Course

6 x 1hr £230.00

3 X 1HR
Best Suits:

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • House Training

  • Excitability

  • Manners

  • Quick Puppy Course

  • General Training Issues


3 x 1hr £135.00


1 x 1HR
Best Suits:

  • General Pointers

  • General Care Advice

  • Husbandry Advice

  • Pre-Dog Arrival Advice

  • Management

  • Simple Training Tips

1 x 1hr £50.00


Booking is Super Easy:

  • Just click the link below to tell me more about your dog's issues

  • Once I have your info I'll arrange your first session & we'll get cracking on your journey!

*Please note that demand for behavioural 1 to 1 is very high & there is always a wait for my help

*Due to the exceptional demand for 1 to 1 & my behavioural consultation help, I no longer offer home visits - there are no exceptions here & Zoom is provided as an alternative

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