Frequently asked questions

What options do you provide?

We offer a full range of class course training options We offer a full range of behavioural 1 to 1 training options We offer specialist Behavioural Veterinary Referral Consultations via zoom We offer specialist puppy advice via zoom

How often do your class courses run?

Starters & Next Steps run every 6 weeks Fun Agility/Flyball/Senso Fun rotate throughout the year - dates are published online

I can't see the class course I wan't to book, are there still spaces?

No, unfortunately not. Only courses with spaces appear online - they book very quickly & when they're gone, they're gone! We are very strict with our class numbers as we want a great experience for all

Do you offer home visits?

Generally not. We now offer all of our behavioural consultations/puppy advice via zoom. Because we have so many lovely clients, this new option cuts down on travelling, is less stressful for dogs & allows us to help more owners

Can I part pay for a course or defer payment?

We're sorry but we can no longer accept any of these options due to a few 'bad apples' spoiling it for other genuine people. All options must be paid in full prior to a course/session/consultation starting - all online

Can children come to class courses?

Yes, very welcome but they MUST stay with you at all times, NOT run around the venue & never approach other people's dogs which may not be comfortable around children. This is for the benefit & safety of all.

How much are your sessions?

You will find current costs listed under all categories of class courses/1 to 1/behavioural assistance

Do you help with......

Anna has almost 20 years experience with a vast and varied caseload. This is why it is not necessary for Anna to actually witness the dog performing the inappropriate behaviour (unless it is very unusual). In fact in most cases it is actually better not to place the dog in such highly stressful situations so that symptoms are evident - if you wish, curate video footage.

When will the next class course be?

Dates will be published online/facebook as soon as we have them, until then, we do not have a definite date either! Class courses run every 6 weeks.

Can you put me on your wait list for the next class course?

Sorry, we do not have a wait list for class courses. These courses are always incredibly popular, so we publish the date & let everyone have a fair chance of booking.

Can I get a refund on unattended class course sessions/roll over onto a next course

Sorry but we cannot do this owing to the popularity of courses.

Can I spread my 1 to 1 course over several weeks?

All 1 to 1 courses must be completed within an allotted time frame.

What courses are you running now?

You'll see the courses we have running on our join us page & home page.