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We train either on location (determined after booking confirmation) or at your home


Timings: Confirmed after your booking has been received. We will contact you to arrange 

Cancellations + Refunds:  Please give 48hrs+ notice.  No refunds will be given for sessions cancelled with 24hrs notice unless under exceptional circumstances

Payment: Full payment is taken with your booking

Missed sessions: Are non-refundable and not transferrable to other courses.  No refund will be given to owners starting the course and cancelling for any reason part way through


Family Members: We welcome all members of your family and children to attend sessions

Little accidents: Please continue to pick up after your dog as you normally would, during 1 to 1 training sessions

Waiting for you: Your behaviourist will wait 10 mins max for your arrival.  If you will be late, please inform us. If no notice is given, we will assume that your session is not required and you will be charged for non-attendance.  We will always inform you if traffic conditions mean we will be late for your session

Terms & Conditions

We know there’s a lot here, however, it is important that you read through this document carefully

Please note that payment for services also implies full agreement with these Terms and Conditions



The training techniques used by Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice are based on the principles of positive reinforcement and, as such, are kind, fair and reward-based. Harsh handling of dogs, physical force and the use of punitive methods/ punishment/ corrections or equipment designed to be aversive (including choke chains, check chains, prong collars, spray collars, e-collars or any other device deemed unacceptable by us) are not permitted in classes or and should not be used in training



  • Payment is taken at time of booking

  • Full refunds may only be given up until 48 hours of a course or session due to commence. No refund may be given within 24 hours of a course or session due to commence unless due to exceptional circumstances, in this situation, a partial refund only will be provided

  • No refund will be provided under any circumstances for 'no shows'- defined as behaviourist has waited 10 minutes post appointment time for client's arrival and client has not arrived and there has been no indication as to why



There is a maximum time frame over which specified courses must be completed.  If courses are not completed during this time frame, they cannot be resumed at a later date, a new course must be started

KENNELLED SOLUTIONS - 3 Session Courses: Max Time Frame - 6 Weeks

KENNELLED SOLUTIONS - 6 Session Courses: Max Time Frame - 9 Weeks

WAGGY TAILS TAILORED SOLUTIONS - 3 Session Courses: Max Time Frame - 6 Weeks

WAGGY TAILS TAILORED SOLUTIONS - 3 Session Courses: Max Time Frame - 9 Weeks

RESCUE DOG WELCOME HOME - 2 Sessions: Max Time Frame - 4 Weeks

GOLD STAR PUPPY - 3 Sessions: Max Time Frame - 10 Weeks



Call out charges are charged to home visits outside Hexham Town Centre and are based on zones.  Click here to see our zonal charges 



Any instances of accident or injury must be reported at the time they occurred.  All dogs must be kept safe and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the safety of others (other animals and people) with regard to your dog’s behaviour at all times.



If we are visiting your home, please make sure a parking place is available if possible.  If not, and there is on-street parking which requires a visitor permit, please have a visitor permit ready for our use when we arrive.  If parking at your home (or other venue at which we have arranged to meet) requires payment, please make arrangements for this



Children are very welcome to attend training sessions, with appropriate adult supervision.  We accept no responsibility for children at training sessions and it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure the children’s safety at all times.  Young people under 16 must be accompanied by an adult



We make every effort to ensure the safety of both clients and dogs during One to One sessions.   By making a booking with us, you are accepting that participating in an activity with dogs, children and adults poses a risk of injury to yourself and your dog, and you agree to indemnify Perfect Pawz! Training & Behaviour Practice for all personal injury and damage to property while attending training sessions.  You agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of your dog attending such sessions. You also agree to make any person who accompanies you to the session(s), or takes your place, aware that they are also there at their own risk.  You understand and accept that your dog (and its behaviour) remains entirely your responsibility at all times, whether or not in the presence of the trainer/ behaviourist

What Should I Bring?

Besides your most important asset...your pooch!

We also suggest...

  • Try feeding your dog half his/her tea

  • Bringing 2-3 varieties of super tasty treats (sometimes the usual ones don’t cut it!) – try something easily digestible such as chicken/ham/chopped sausage…

  • Flat collars/fixed leads/harnesses are good.  We’d prefer no slip leads and those items mentioned in our t&c’s

....And Finally

​Thank-you For Choosing Us!



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Barking Hours 

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm