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07930  644647  Mon-Fri  9-5pm

EST. 2001

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Highest Qualified Canine Advice


We work on practial things as well as the all important training commands - you know, things like keeping your dog calm and arghhhh.... stopping him jumping up with  muddy paws!


We listen! Yikes we won't tell you off for anything, you're here to enjoy and have fun! We spend time listening to your individual concerns and work through them, rather than just treat you as 'one whole group'.  It's little things like this, practical commands besides the basics  that makes a huge difference to the relationship with your dog.


We have fun! I know we keep emphasizing this but it's true.  There's a big social atmosphere each week at class & we love that.  


Our classes are NOT a free for all.   We have a strict class limit & you will absolutely not find a class with 20 dogs in it at Perfect Pawz! or chaos.  We will also often tailor the class plan if need be...something you will very rarely find happen.


A lot of friends are made at our classes which is a great testament to the relaxed atmosphere we create & that's just how we want it!

Never been to Training Classes before, worried how your dog will settle in? Don't be! We specialise in looking after both dog & owner, we are with you every single step of the way & cater especially for dogs who may be a little more timid than others.  


Got a dog who's a little more (shall we say) boisterous than others!  You know what? We've seen it all before & probably 100 times worse - honestly!  


Remember all our classes are small, specifically so that we can give dogs who may have a few extra issues, time to develop & learn as well as every other dog...in our classes you won't be forgotten about or told off for having a naughty dog - that's why you're with us & we'll help you through it!

Different.....In A GOOD Way!

* Structured courses carefully crafted for optimum development


* Small classes, no overcrowded chaos


* Individual assessment & progress monitoring through the 6 weeks


* Focus on your individual pet, not just "the group"


* Friendly environment for nervous dogs


* Always friendly atmosphere for owners


* Our classes are a great opportunity to socialize your pet


* Highest qualified, caring advice


* One of the most popular Centres training 100's of dogs per year to the  highest level


* Vet Recommended

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2 Locations:

Central Hexham Exhibition Hall Auction Mart -

Lots of Free Parking - Straight off the A69


Greenside Community Centre

Lots of Free Parking

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Our Hugely Popular Training School

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Our Classes


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