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About The Class

  • Puppies as soon as vaccination course is complete

  • Total beginner dogs of all ages

The basic essential stuff - How to sit, lie down, stand, stay, come when called and walk nicely on a lead.


Practical really important stuff - Keep calm when meeting & greeting other dogs/people and don't jump up.


Beginnings of distraction control - furthered in Next Steps.


6 Weeks

Class 1 Hour

Training Guide Download

£55 course per dog



What's Taught?

We love to reward our dogs!

After Course

  • Join us on 'Next Steps'!

  • Try some of our fun courses!

  • Take a 1 to 1 to 'brush up'

  • Repeat Course

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Book Starters Here.  Please choose your venue carefully.  - You will be required to pay for your place in full at week 1

"We never thought we'd succeed!  Tess is brilliant now & we have so enjoyed the course & met so many friends - see you on Next Steps!"


2 Locations:

Central Hexham Exhibition Hall Auction Mart  

Lots of Free Parking - Straight off the A69


Greenside Community Centre

Lots of Free Parking


Who For?

Let's Start With


  • Socialization Party supervised by Provisional Clinical & Accredited Animal Behaviourist prior to class

  • Progress monitoring of each dog throughout 6 weeks

  • Always small classes to maximise learning

  • Individual Q&A session prior to class

  • Owners always encouraged to discuss concerns



Happy Pets at Hexham & Greenside!

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What's Included?

  • Training Guide

  • Private YouTube Demonstrator 'How To' Playlist Link

  • Monitor My Dog's Progress Plan

  • Certificates to all

  • Rosettes to class prize winners

A Class Environment is Not Suitable if Your Dog is Reactive with Other Dogs or People.  We Will Assist You With 1 to 1 Behavioural Training

Please Note

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Hexham Exhibition Hall Auction Mart               4/7/18             6.30pm               6 Weeks                  55.00                                                                                                                                                    

Greenside Community Centre                            19/7/18            6.30pm               6 Weeks                  55.00                                                                                                                                

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