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More my thing!

  • Dogs must have completed Starters Class (or equivalent) prior to joining

  • Emphasis on fun!

  • Involves some physical exertion - dogs must be free from acute/chronic medical conditions


5 Weeks

Class 1 Hour




Lots of fun including stimulating 'WAG IT' Games to channel your dog's natural enthusiasm - running, jumping, searching, seeking, retrieving etc


Tasks which allow your dog to use his natural instincts, helps calm him in the process


Provides novel & enjoyable activities for you & your dog


Helps you and your dog work together and continue your distraction training but in a fun way


Great for working/active breeds

Book Senso Fun Here. Please choose your venue carefully. Our classes boook out very quickly

Hexham Exhibition Hall Auction Mart        11/04/18           7.30pm         5 Weeks            55.00                                                 FULL NO PLACES

  • For owners who both want more to occupy their dogs

  • For owners wanting to try gundog commands without conventional 'gundog methods'.

  • For dogs who love to use their eyes, noses, ears....

  • For sniffy dogs who love scenting, seeking, searching

  • Working/active breeds with no outletfor all that energy

"Really challenging for the dogs & great to see how they work out tasks"

Central Hexham Location - Lots of Free Parking - Straight off the A69

Senso Fun

Inc. 'Wag It' Games

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About The Class

Happy Pets at Hexham!

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'WAG IT' Games?

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WAG It Games are a brand new form of enriching entertainment for dogs and great for owners looking for new ways of having fun with their dogs - fantastic also for relationship building.


Games are based upon certain skills - at Perfect Pawz! we focus upon; shadow, obstacle and sniff it skills!


For dogs of any age & ability, just come and have a go :-)

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