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Remedial Training and Behavioural Training Plans


For owners requiring more involved and continued support

to assist with general training or behavioural training issues


Typical Issues Include:


  • Leash reactivity

  • Aggression

  • Barking

  • Fear

  • Excitability

  • Running away

  • Pulling on lead

  • Jumping up


1 Hour

3 or 6 Sessions £99/£165

At Location or Home Visit

(may incur call out fee for home visit)


Our 1 to 1 is extremely popular.  Why? It works! We know  you're committed to helping your dog and we'll provide you with all the support you need.  It's not rocket science but we want you to succeed and nothing gives us greater pleasure than to meet you in the park and see that success first hand - Brilliant......job done!

We guide you through the whole process from start to finish


Full written resume provided

"Grace  hated other dogs, thanks for helping us end 5am walks!"

1 To 1 Sessions & Plans

1 To 1 ....Why Perfect Pawz?

Assessment/Advice Sessions


For owners needing a professional assessment of their dog or advice regarding

any canine matter


Typical Sessions Include:


  • Assessments to determine which future course/class is suitable for the dog

  • Potential new dog assessments & suitabiity for owner/other resident dogs

  • Training advice not requiring continued support

  • Advice regarding suitability of dog to purchase/rehome

  • Advice regarding nutrition/suitable housing/environment/welfare

  • Advice regarding dogs and children or other pets

  • Advice regarding pets & travel domestically/abroad via Pets Passport

  • Pros/cons neutering


1 Hour

At Location or Home Visit £38 (may incur call out fee for home visit)


Not suitable for behavioural issues or training issues requiring continued support



  • I have a Master's degree with distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Newcastle University)


  • I have an honours degree in Psychology


  • I am pleased to be able to offer some of the highest professional credentials to my clients in combination with 15 years experience with over 1700 dogs from over 150 different breeds:


  • I am a fully Accredited Animal Behaviourist & qualified practitioner with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)


  • I am a Certified member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)


  • I am a provisional Clinical Animal Behaviourist


  • I am a full member of INTOdogs, membership which is achieved after a rigorous selection process


  • I am a full member of the Pet Professional Guild which promotes humane and positive methods of training


  • I am the author of clinical research: 'Exploring differences in temperament between newly recognised crossbreeds and parent breeds' which was presented at British Society for Animal Science Conference 2016


  • I am a content writer for Pet Professional Guild World Service Blog and BARKS Magazine


  • I am a temperament assessor for WAG North East Friendship Dogs


  • My advice and behaviour modification works as is evident by client recommendations, testimonials and veterinary referrals

For A Little Extra Expert Help...

1 To 1

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Did You Know?



Absolutely anybody may use these terms without any credentials whatsoever.  Fortunately there is now a move to stop this so that only those individuals with the best credentials and highest qualifications offer their services to pet owners

Highly Qualified


Professional Organization Membership

Research Author

Content Writer

Charity Assessor

Advice Works

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