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Our lovely boys pop up over our website and facebook page as well as on a few advertising banners now and again! Many very kind people ask about about them and how they''re doing, so here's a bit about both :-)

Our Own Little

Perfect Pawz!



Millroseglen Bona Fide (Mardas Roman Republic JW RCC x Millroseglen Red Maple)

Brocky is my lovely black Labrador. He's a beautiful boy but my goodness he hasn't been easy! Brock like most Labs has much enthusiasm for life, but multiplied by 100! He requires calm and patient handling, you get nowhere by bullying. He is a very 'whizzy' dog and sometimes these are the most frustrating dogs to deal with, very distracted by seemingly everything, but you get there - eventually!


We started showing at Kennel Club level early 2017, a shaky start as Brock was simply explosive & we floored a few judges, but we ploughed on - we can use that explosivity to our advantage as Brock has real 'look at me' ring presence. I am so proud of him and we've now won many firsts and Best Of Breed's.

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Likes - Bed, water, muddy puddles, toys


Dislikes - Being disturbed after 5pm, dinner being served later than 4pm & any form of athletic exercise!


Brocky Rituals - Likes to wrap himself in hall curtains at 5pm


Blue Sky At Escomb

Rufus is my Mum, Susan Bradley's dog. He's a gorgeous blue merle Border Collie with piercing blue eyes although he is quite often mistaken for a Husky - not quite sure why!


Like most Border Collies, Rufus is a very sensitive dog and has required incredibly careful handling and much understanding. He is a fun loving dog but easily upset, but with sensitivity and care, we ensure he is a happy and healthy boy.

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Likes - Toys, running in the wood - more toys


Dislikes - Noises, car travel, people sneezing - likes

to bark! Not having any toys


Rufus Rituals - Sleeping on the sofa

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