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Hexham Exhibition Hall  Auction Mart                    4/7/18                    6 Weeks                  5.30PM               55.00                                

  • Adolescent Dogs

  • Dogs who'd rather listen to, chase, respond to or run after anything but their owner i.e 'go deaf' with distractions!

  • Always small classes

  • Specially designed to follow on from Starters & match the development of your dog

  • We will always tailor the class plan to the individuals we have in the class - no one size fits all plan!

  • Individual help always given

Lots of excercises to improve your dog's focus on you


Lots of group work to help your dog deal with distractions in real life situations


Lots of practice getting your dog to come back to you with distractions


Learn how to keep control of your dog without the lead


Learn hand signals so that you can keep control of your dog at distance


6 Weeks

Class 1 hr

Training Guide Download



What's Taught?

" Next Steps has had a tremendous calming influence on Bramble, I cannot believe the difference"

We love to reward our dogs!

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Book Next Steps Class Here.  Please choose your venue carefully.  You will be required to pay for your place in full at week 1

2 Locations:

Central Hexham Exhibition Hall Auction Mart

Lots of Free Parking - Straight off the A69


Greenside Community Centre

Lots of Free Parking


Who For?

About The Class

After The Class

Why not give some of our fun classes a go:

Moving On To Next Steps!


Happy Pets at Hexham & Greenside!

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  • Training Guide

  • Private YouTube Demonstrator 'How To' Playlist Link

  • Monitor My Dog's Progress Plan

  • Certificates to all

  • Rosettes to class prize winners

What's Included?

A Class Environment is Not Suitable if Your Dog is Reactive with Other Dogs or People.  We Will Assist You With 1 to 1 Behavioural Training

Please Note

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Dog training & behaviour is becoming regulated - we're in on it...don't make a ruff choice!

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Greenside Community Centre                                 07/6/18                     6 Weeks                  7.30PM               55.00