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Who are Clients Consulting With?

Clients consult with Anna Francesca Bradley MSc BSc (Hons) Provisional Clinical, Certified IAABC  and ABTC Accredited Animal Behaviourist.  Anna is also the owner of Perfect Pawz! Training and Behaviour Practice.


Why refer here

Anna has some of the highest quaifications in the field of animal behaviour, more than 15 years practical experience, a wide and varied case load and is now highly sought after for her professional advice.  Furthermore, in a current climate where the profession is striving for full regulation, it is of the utmost importance that clients have a fully knowledgable, reputable and qualified source to be referred to.


Regulation of Animal Behaviour - Are you in the know?

Perfect Pawz! fully supports regulation. Why? Well, many people have become sensitive to the antics of our four-legged friends & there has been a surge in ‘canine professionals’ – trainers, walkers, communicators, behaviourists etc.


The problem is that many of these ‘professionals’ don’t have formal qualifications or belong to any professional accreditation body who adjudicates and regulates their competence. Methods used may be insensitive and completely lacking the depth of understanding required to remediate the problem, or take into account medical issues which may be complicating factors.   The Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) is the regulatory body created to represent trainers and behaviourists.  It sets exemplary standards of knowledge and practical skills required for trainers/behaviourists which all members must maintain.  DEFRA and the Government refer to the ABTC in matters referring to animal behaviour.

Anna Francesca Bradley is an ABTC Accredited Animal Behaviourist.


Animal Behaviour Awareness

Together with our professional membership organizations such as ABTC and IntoDogs, we are working to create a greater awareness of animal behaviour issues in veterinary practice and are working from RCVS level downwards to try to ensure every animal arriving in practice with behaviour issues, is firstly recognised as such, then receives assistance from a qualified behaviour professional and that their owner is informed that such help is available.


The Behaviour Practice




The Consultation Process

This is fully outlined here


We offer in person and Skype consultations for clients who reside out of our area and International clients


How to refer a client


To refer a client to the practice, please download and complete the BVBA referral form and send to us


What behaviours do you treat?

Most commonly include:

  • Multiple variants of aggression

  • Separation issues

  • Inappropriate house soiling

  • Repetitive behaviours

  • Associative behaviours

  • Obsessive behaviours

  • Fears and phobias


The practice assists dogs only