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Who are Behavioural Consultations For?

The Behaviour Practice assists dogs only. We assist dogs which may be excessively anxious or nervous, aggressive or stressed.  They may be barking a lot, dislike being left alone, soiling the home or engaging in behaviours that seem totally without any reasoning at all.


Do I Require Veterinary Referral?

We are now accepting clients without Veterinary referral, however it is important to stress that behavioural issues may occur simultaneously with or as a consequence of medical disorders even though it may not be immediately apparent that one is impacting the other. It's important therefore to rule out any medical causes.  In some cases a Veterinary visit prior to or following a behaviour consultation will be requested as may be liaising with your Vet as part of the modification process.  In most cases access to medical history is requested and the majority of our cases are Vet referrals.


How Do I Book a Consultation?

Simpy make contact with The Behaviour Practice via email or telephone and we will send you a pre-consultation questionnaire to complete and return up to 48hrs before a visit.


You may also be referred directly by your Vet.  In this case, your Vet will complete a referral form  and send this directly to the practice.  


What do Consultations Involve?

  • Consultations are conducted at our quiet, country practice.  We can also make home visits (call out incurred).

  • Consultations last up to 2 hours.

  • Consultations involve a thorough examination and case history taking of the causes and maintaining factors of the dog's behaviour, including interaction of health and medical issues, development of management strategies and behaviour modification plan.


What happens afterwards?


  • A written report detailing the behaviour modification plan will be forwarded to the owner and copied to their Vet (if referred to us).

  • Follow up consultations via telephone/email are provided up to a maximum of six months.  Further consultations are booked if required.

  • Liaison with the clients' Vet regarding progress and suitability of pharmacological intervention where necessary (if referred to us).


£110 Inclusive of consultation, report, follow up

(Home visit will incur call out fee)




The Behaviour Practice


How Long Before I See Success?

This is impossible to say and a fixed estimate should never be provided.


We will always give you goals to attain, break down your plan into manageable targets and provide a realistic idea of what to expect, based upon your individual pet , his or her issues and the severity of them.  


Success depends very much upon a host of factors; owner commitment, time, severity of the problem to name a few.....but we are committed to enabling you succeed.

Common Issues:




Dislike of being left

Repetitive Behaviours



Cognitive Decline


Associative Behaviours


Clients Living Outside The North East & International Clients

We Can Still Assist You Via Skype


We now offer consultations via Skype.  Skype consultations are only available to international clients & those residing outside the North East of England.


Please contact us to discuss your suitability for a Skype consultation.  Some behavioural issues may not be suitable for a consultation via Skype.


Skype consultations cost £85 and include 1hr consultation, behaviour modification report and follow up to a maximum of 3 months.  All Skype consultations must be paid for in advance

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