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We are strongly opposed to aversive training techniques advocating 'dominating'  the dog or the use of 'alpha rolling', forced submission, nose blowing, ear or nose pinching etc.  You will not find any references to 'being boss', 'engaging in pack leadership', or 'dominance theory' which has no scientific grounding.  Such notions are completely outdated and have recently been proved as such


Sadly, many training establishments rely on outdated theory/practises.  At Perfect Pawz! we are research active and are at the forefront of the very latest developments in the field of animal behaviour and training techniques. You will not find any outdated methods/theory being conducted at Perfect Pawz!




We do not permit choke chains, pinch/prong collars or any type or electric collar during our training programmes & will not permit them onto any training course. Nor do we endorse the above forced submission techniques.

Evidence proves these devices to be harmful and to cause negative emotional responses during training.  There is nothing worse than breaking a dog's spirit.



We believe you love to shower your dog in kisses & cuddles.  Our training will not remove daily treats or stop your dog's ability to enjoy his privileges - that's why you got a dog!  We train so that your dog becomes a joy to live with & becomes your family pet.




Training is reward based and founded on scientific principles. We never use harsh methods of correction. All training is tailored to each individual pet & is NOT a 'one size fits all' approach. Perfect Pawz! behavioural assessments and training involve the application of a greater level of insight regarding the causes and maintaining factors regarding your pet's behaviour and deveopment of a suitable remdial plan - this is what sets us apart.


We do not bully your dog, we work with him/her in a cooperative way, taking heed of communicative signals they display.  This way we can produce the results you want, whilst generating a positive emotional response. Our client's dogs enjoy learning as is seen from their happy wagging tails and smiling faces!




We truly care about you & your success.

We encourage you to call/email if you are concerned at any time throughout your dog's training.

Our training sessions are renowned for being relaxed, informal & above all fun - that's how you both learn!

Client information is confidentially stored.

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You are entrusting a very important family member into our care.We are crystal clear regarding methods and objectives


Spot The Difference - Happy Dogs!

We prefer not to use words like 'Obedience' or 'Commands' - they're just not appropriate any more. We like to substitute Obedience for Well Behaved and Commands for Signals - the former suggests coersion and compliance - the opposite of what Perfect Pawz! is about.

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Only Happy Wags & Smiles at Perfect Pawz!

We like to think about 'training signals' which communicate information and 'instructions' without requiring your dog submits. Together, we enable your dog to behave appropriately rather than having to comply with requests and be placed in a subordinant position.


Happy Pet!

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Happy Pets at Perfect Pawz!

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