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Flyball is great fun and provides a new challenge for dogs.  It's also a great social event for handlers and dogs alike - come & give it a go.



In a nutshell:

There are 4 jumps placed in a straight line with a flyball box at the end.  You hold your dog at the opposite end to the box and your dog jumps over the 4 jumps until he/she arrives at the box.  At the box, the dog steps onto it and releases a tennis ball, the dog catches it and jumps back over the 4 jumps to you.


Sounds tricky?

Like our Fun Pet Dog Agility course, we run this as a completely non-competitive, all for fun course for pet dogs.  It doesn't matter whether your dog is brilliant, or not so brilliant, just enjoy yourself! We have each run of jumps sectioned off so that the dogs essentially have nowhere to go but jump down the line, this makes it much easier.


Can any dog join in?

Your dog needs to have completed our Starters Class (or equivalent), and be free of any long standing medical conditions (please check with us beforehand for your dog's suitability if you are unsure).


As with our Fun Pet Dog Agility - this is all for fun only.  Those with competitive aspirations, this is not for you I'm afraid :-)

Learn all the basic steps before we put the whole 'jumps with ball catching' together


6 Weeks

Class 1 Hour


  • Great Fun

  • Provides brilliant mental stimulation for dogs, especially those particularly energetic/working breeds

  • Great for child handlers

  • Improves dog's social skills

  • Continues distraction training

  • Builds confidence in nervous dogs

Book Fun Pet Dog Flyball Here. You will be required to pay for your course in full at week 1

Hexham Exhibition Hall Auction Mart                                 23/05/18                     7.30PM                        5 Weeks                                        BOOKED OUT

Central Hexham Location - Lots of Free Parking - Straight off the A69

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Fun Pet Dog Flyball!

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Still too energetic for me!

What's Taught?

About The Class

  • With us you will always get a go!

  • Masses of fun




Unlike at some other Flyball classes, we carefully supervise 'free time' and ensure that your dog will not be bombarded or mugged by others - this can be extremely detrimental to their behavioural wellbeing


Very Happy Pets at Hexham!

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  • Training Guide

  • Monitor My Dog's Progress Plan

  • Certificates to all

  • Rosettes to class prize winners

What's Included?