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Flyball is Fab Fun!  Here's what happens:

There are 4 low hurdles set out in a line with a flyball box at the other end.  The box holds a tennis ball.  Your dog boings down the line of hurdles, touches the box, catches the ball and runs down the hurdles back to you!


We make it super easy!

  • First off, we fence off the hurdles so your dog can't go anywhere but back to you

  • We break everything down into super easy steps

  • We make it fun fun fun!


It doesn't matter if its not perfect!

It's amazing how well dogs learn but it doesn't have to be amazingly briliant, this is all about having a bit of fun!  If you dog doesn't bring the ball back every time, want some time out to play - that's fine with us :-)


5 Weeks

Class 1 Hour


  • Owners who want some fun with their dogs

  • Dogs who need more mental & physical stimulation, especially  energetic orworking breeds

  • Child handlers

  • Dogs who need to improve social skills

  • Owners who want to continue distraction training

  • Dogs who need to build confience

  • Dogs who adore tennis balls!

Book Fun Pet Dog Flyball Here. You will be required to pay for your course in full at week 1

Hexham Exhibition Hall Auction Mart                                 22/5/19                  7.30PM                        5 Weeks                                        

Central Hexham Location - Lots of Free Parking -

Straight off the A69


Boing Boing Boing!





Unlike at some other Flyball classes, we carefully supervise 'free time' and ensure that your dog will not be bombarded or mugged by others - this can be extremely detrimental to their behavioural wellbeing


Have Fun With Your Dog



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