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OK...We're not out to produce the next Agility Champion here but we do want you to have fun!  


We've decided to run our course purely as a FUN PET DOG course as many owners stressed that they've tried other classes & were totally put off by being forced into a competitive environment with a team nature or just didn't get a go on the course.


Our course is not like this at all, we are all about having fun, fun, fun! This course is great for energetic dogs, nervous dogs who need to build confidence, improving social skills & continuing distraction training.


Please, if you wish to pursue competitive agility, or have aspirations of winning Crufts our course is not for you 

Learn basic groundwork and off-lead work needed for Agility course


Learn how to tackle each obstacle in turn before linking them to form a whole course


Lots of free time to practice freely on course.  With us we ensure you will always get a go!


Obstacles include weave poles, high jumps, long jump, standing jump,seesaw, tunnel, pause, hoop


5 Weeks

Class 1 hour



Book Fun Pet Dog Agility Here - Hurry our classes book out very quickly

"I couldn't run the legs off Cara being  an energetic BC, we met lots of friends & we're back for another go!"


High Jump

Long Jump


Pause Mat





Central Hexham Location - Lots of Free Parking - Straight off the A69


Hexham Exhibition Hall Auction Mart                      4/7/18                7.30pm               5 weeks              55.00                                      

Let The Fun Begin....

Fun Pet Dog Agility!

brock says

Far too energetic for me!

What's Taught?

Unlike at some other Agility classes, we carefully supervise 'free time' and ensure that your dog will not be bombarded or mugged by others - this can be extremely detrimental to their behavioural wellbeing


Very Happy Perfect Pawz!


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