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Regulation of Animal Behaviour - What's Changing?


Perfect Pawz! fully supports the drive to regulate animal behaviour. Why regulation? Well, many more people have become sensitive to the antics of our four-legged friends & there has been a surge in ‘canine professionals’ – trainers, walkers, communicators, behaviourists etc.


The problem is that many of these ‘professionals’ don’t have formal qualifications or belong to any professional accreditation body who adjudicates and regulates their competence. Why is this so important? Well, taking the example of trainers and behaviourists, without formal study and subsequent qualifications, there is likely to be very poor, incomplete or totally inaccurate diagnosis of the problem which results in a completely inaccurate and ineffective treatment plan.  


Methods used may be insensitive and completely lacking the depth of understanding required to remediate the problem, or take into account medical issues which may be complicating factors.  The overall effect may be at best detrimental to the dog and at worse harmful, exacerbating the original complaint.


What’s happening about it? The Animal Behaviour and Welfare Council (ABTC) is the regulatory body which represents trainers and behaviourists.  It sets exemplary standards of knowledge and practical skills required for trainers/behaviourists which all members must maintain.  DEFRA and the Government refer to the ABTC in matters referring to animal behaviour.


Anna Francesca Bradley is an ABTC Accredited Animal Behaviourist.

Perfect Pawz! Behaviour Practice Practice - Who Will You See?


You will receive assistance from Anna Bradley MSc  BSc (Hons) Provisional Clinical, Certified IAABC and Animal Behaviour and Training Council Accredited (ABTC) Animal Behaviourist.


Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see owners succeed.  I have worked with many   re-homed & rescue cases - RSPCA, Dog's Trust, Retired Greyhound Trust for example & many local shelters.  I have broad experience of the various character traits & idiosyncracies of a huge range of breeds that Perfect Pawz! welcomes.  Too often knowledge of individual breeds is overlooked completely during behaviour modification.

The Behaviour Practice

  • I have a Master's degree with distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Newcastle University)


  • I have an honours degree in Psychology



  • I am a fully Accredited Animal Behaviourist & qualified practitioner with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)


  • I am a Certified member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)


  • I am a provisional Clinical Animal Behaviourist


  • I am a full member of INTOdogs, membership which is achieved after a rigorous selection process


  • I am a full member of the Pet Professional Guild which promotes humane and positive methods of training


  • I am the author of clinical research: Bradley A, Douglas C, Serpell J. Comparing the temperament of Newly Recognised Cross-Breed Dogs (Labradoodles and Cockapoos) and parent breeds using Canine Behaviour And Research Questionnaire In: British Society of Animal Science, Annual Conference. 2016, Chester, UK: Cambridge University Press.'



  • I am a content writer for Pet Professional Guild World Service Blog and Barks Magazine



  • I have 15 years experience with over 1700 dogs from over 150 different breeds



  • My advice and behaviour modification works as is evident by client recommendations, testimonials and veterinary referrals



  • It is possible for my clients to claim behavioural fees through their pet insurance

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Anna Francesca Bradley MSc BSc (hons)

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