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"Since establishment in 2001, I am so proud of the great reputation Perfect Pawz! has forged, the 1700+ dogs I have had pleasure in assisting & the many recommendations received.  Your success is ours & I am proud of each & every one"

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At the moment, anybody can call themsleves a 'Trainer/Behaviourist/Whisperer' etc. or provide Behavioural Advice


This is because at the moment dog training and behaviour is totally unregulated - so it's a bit like going to an unqualified dentist or dr! The unsurprising result is that an awful lot of these unregulated/unqualified sources are providing hopelessly outdated advice, wrong advice, dangerous advice or advice which is completely beyond their remit & potentially very harmful - we know, we see it weekly.



  • Vet nurse giving tips

  • Provders of online courses with no educational endorsement

  • Vet practice giving advice in absence of qualified veterinary behaviourist

  • Individuals/businesses providing outdated advice based on TV shows/internet


If these individuals do not have a recognised specialism in animal behaviour, then they cannot provide you with qualified, up to date and knowledgable advice


Fortunately there are now moves to regulate training & behaviour & you can read more about this


The only way to guarantee receiving the highest qualified, contemporary and caring advice promoting positive methods is to get help from an Accredited Behaviourist (APBTC, IAABC, INTO Dogs etc.) member + higher degree specialism in animal behaviour.  Each organization has specific standards, members must adhere to

Anna Francesca Bradley offers some of the highest professional credentials in the field of animal behaviour in combination with 16 years experience with over 1700 dogs from over 150 different breeds

  • I have a Master's degree with distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Newcastle University)


  • I have an honours degree in Psychology

  • I am a fully Accredited Animal Behaviourist & qualified practitioner with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)


  • I am a Certified Member of International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)


  • I am a Provisional Clinical Animal Behaviourist


  • I am a full member of INTOdogs, membership which is achieved after a rigorous selection process more


  • I am a full member of the Pet Professional Guild which promotes humane and positive methods of training


  • Certified Animal Behaviourist & Trainer with ICAN which promotes force free methods

  • I am the author of clinical research: Bradley A, Douglas C, Serpell J. Comparing the temperament of Newly Recognised Cross-Breed Dogs (Labradoodles and Cockapoos) and parent breeds using Canine Behaviour And Research Questionnaire In: British Society of Animal Science, Annual Conference. 2016, Chester, UK: Cambridge University Press.'

  • I am a content writer for Pet Professional Guild World Service Blog and BARKS Magazine

  • I am a temperament assessor for WAG North East Friendship Dogs

  • I am recommended by vets and receive veterinary referrals


  • I have 16 years experience with over 1700 dogs from over 150 different breeds


  • My advice and behaviour modification works as is evident by client recommendations, testimonials and veterinary referrals


  • It is possible for my clients to claim behavioural fees through their pet insurance


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It doesn't really seem that long since I created Perfect Pawz! back in 2001.  Things have grown substantially since then but my thinking is still the same.


I still see so much 'old school' handling and thinking & that was what I created Perfect Pawz! to change.  It's infuriating to me but maybe that's more dogs & owners I can help.


I see dogs as partners, not as subordinates, I want to teach people to ask their dogs to do something, not tell them and there is no place for bullying, pain or coercion - training and behaviour change should be positive and fun!


The end result is that our dogs want to learn - they do it because it's fun!


Away from Perfect Pawz! Labradors are 'my breed' (always black).  I show my beautiful Labrador 'Brock' (Millroseglen Bona Fide) at Championship Level - he's an absolute Superstar & I was so proud to show him on the biggest stage of all this year at Crufts.

Anna Says


CRUFTS  2019


Mardas Roman Republic JW RCC x Millroseglen Red Maple

Br AW Glen WP Glen

Owner: Ms AF Bradley


We are so proud to win this award in recognition of the services that we offer.


From Global Health and Pharma, the Award Presentation Body:


'GHP’s Animal Health and Wellness Awards returns to acknowledge and reward those who work to support the welfare, care and wellness of animals and to recognise those who have gone beyond their duty of care to improve their health. Ultimately, the aim of the programme is to showcase the achievements of companies associated with the health, wellness and welfare of animals in addition to veterinary medicine across the globe.


Discussing the success of their winners, Sophie Milner, Awards Coordinator commented: “Animals are often vital to our health, wellbeing and even survival, therefore it is my privilege to be able to showcase the companies, and the individuals driving them, that are dedicated to improving and maintaining the health and welfare of animals around the world.  Congratulations to all of my winners, I would like to wish you the best of luck for the future.”


GHP prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition'


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Global Health & Pharma - Animal Health & Wellness Awards



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  • I am a very experienced and competent handler of all breeds and show and compete my own dog to Championship level and exhibit at Crufts