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Highest Qualified Canine Advice


Since establishment in 2001, I am so proud of the great reputation Perfect Pawz! has forged, the 1700+ dogs we have had pleasure in assisting & the many recommendations received.  Your success is ours & we are proud of each & every one.

I'm Anna Bradley & I've always loved animals, dogs especially and since as long as I can remember I've been interested in how they think, what they do and how they act.


In 2001, I created Perfect Pawz! principally to help owners assist their dogs with anti-social behaviour and help owners see the reasoning behind their dog's actions before quickly resorting to punishment.


This 'through the dog's eyes' has become a centrepoint of Perfect Pawz! thinking and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see both dog and owner succeed and create a happy relationship between each.


When not busy with Perfect Pawz! I'm usually reining in my (now infamous) Labrador Brock who features heavily on site! or waiting heavily on the rest of my menagerie - pet sheep, horses & cat!

See you soon :-)  Anna


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Why We' d Love You To Choose Us!

What's The Story?

From Early Beginnings To..

  • Highest Qualifications in the field

  • Years of Experience

  • 1700 Dogs

  • 150 Breeds

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Did You Know?

At the moment, anybody can call themsleves a 'Trainer/Behaviourist/Whisperer etc. This is because presently the world of dog training and behaviour is totally unregulated.  Sadly there are a huge amount of people put there using these terms without any credentials whatsoever or purporting to have qualifications from online courses etc.  At Perfect Pawz! we think this is wrong - would you go to an un-qualified dr or dentist?  Fortunately there is now a move to stop this more so that only those individuals with the best credentials and highest qualifications offer their services to pet owners.   We fully support this move.

Anna Francesca Bradley offers some of the highest professional credentials in the field of animal behaviour in combination with 16 years experience with over 1700 dogs from over 150 different breeds:



  • I have a Master's degree with distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Newcastle University)


  • I have an honours degree in Psychology

Professional Organization Membership

  • I am a fully Accredited Animal Behaviourist & qualified practitioner with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) more


  • I am a Provisional Clinical Animal Behaviourist


  • I am a full member of INTOdogs, membership which is achieved after a rigorous selection process more


  • I am a full member of the Pet Professional Guild which promotes humane and positive methods of training

Clinical Research Author

  • I am the author of clinical research: 'Exploring differences in temperament between newly recognised crossbreeds and parent breeds' which was presented at British Society for Animal Science Conference 2016 + published 'BARKS' PPG world publication July 2017

Magazine Content Writer

  • I am a content writer for Pet Professional Guild World Service Blog and BARKS Magazine

Local Charity Assessor

  • I am a temperament assessor for WAG North East Friendship Dogs

Vet Recommended

  • I am recommended by vets and receive veterinary referrals

Practical Experience


  • I have 16 years experience with over 1700 dogs from over 150 different breeds

Advice Works


  • My advice and behaviour modification works as is evident by client recommendations, testimonials and veterinary referrals

Claim Back Fees


  • It is possible for my clients to claim behavioural fees through their pet insurance